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Apprentissage des langues et TICE

Un livre en anglais sur l’apprentissage des langues secondes grâce aux TICE :

Second Language Teaching and Learning with Technology: Views of Emergent Researchers. 2011. Edited by Sylvie Thouësny and Linda Bradley. Dublin: 229 p. 978-1-908416-00-1

Sommaire :

Introduction on Views of Emergent Researchers in L2 Teaching and Learning with Technology – Sylvie Thouësny and Linda Bradley

Personal Learning Environments in Higher Education Language Courses: An Informal and Learner-Centred Approach – Ilona Laakkonen

QuickAssist: Reading and Learning Vocabulary Independently with the Help of CALL and NLP Technologies – Peter Wood

Self-assessment and Tutor Assessment in Online Language Learning Materials: InGenio FCE Online Course and Tester – Ana Sevilla-Pavón, Antonio Martínez-Sáez, and José Macario de Siqueira

Mobile-Assisted Language Learning: Designing for Your Students – Agnieszka Palalas

A Design for Intercultural Exchange – An Analysis of Engineering Students’ Interaction with English Majors in a Poetry Blog – Linda Bradley, Berner Lindström, Hans Rystedt, and Magnus Gustafsson

Developing Sociolinguistic Competence through Intercultural Online Exchange – Mathy Ritchie

Second Language Learning by Exchanging Cultural Contexts through the Mobile Group Blog – Yinjuan Shao

Dynamically Assessing Written Language: To what Extent Do Learners of French Language Accept Mediation? – Sylvie Thouësny

Computer-Mediated Negotiated Interactions: How is Meaning Negotiated in Discussion Boards, Text Chat and Videoconferencing? – Cédric Sarré

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